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Many downtown Granbury Square businesses are still conducting business during the COVID-19 response with alternate hours and/or online sales, deliveries, curbside service, appointments only or virtual visits. So whether you’re working from home or keeping social distance during this time, these businesses are here to serve and provide the products for you. Please visit our Facebook Page, City of Granbury.com and VisitGranbury.com for updates as we can keep up with them.

Gen. Granbury Festival Update

Press Release

General Granbury's Birthday Festival 2020 CANCELLED
For immediate release:

March 16, 2020

Historic Granbury Merchants Association
Granbury, Texas

RE:  Historic Granbury Merchants Association Announces Cancellation of the 42nd General Granbury's Birthday Celebration and Festival.

The Board of Directors of the HGMA voted late yesterday to cancel its 42nd General Granbury's Birthday Celebration & Parade to be held next weekend March 21 & 22.  This decision was made with due consideration of the current CDC Health Directives and proclamations by President Trump and Governor Abbott and in coordination with the City of Granbury.  The City announced late last week they would be closing all City offices and services, other than essential services.  Partnering with the City is essential to host a successful festival and the HGMA strives not only to be sensitive to the health issues throughout our Nation and potentially our Community, and value our long standing relationships with our civic and municipal leaders.  

"Though regrettable for all our merchants, vendors, regular patrons and tourists of this very popular annual BBQ Cookoff event, it is in the end, the right thing to do!", stated Ken Hackett, President.

Notices will go out today to all our vendors and cookers, and refunds will be mailed out promptly.  Should there be any questions, please direct them to: granburyhgma@gmail.com, or Michelle Winters @ 682.936.4550 or Ken Hackett @ 817.776.7784.

Granbury Ballet & Dance Arts Academy Spring Break Camp

Camp Application Printable PDF


Where is the festival located and hours?

  • The Historic Downtown Granbury Square (surrounding Courthouse)
  • 100 Artist Gallery Booths surrounding the historic Square
  • Additional artists located inside Celebration Hall (Granbury Live)
  • Children's Creation Area located at Granbury Square Plaza 
  • Saturday 9am - 6pm
  • Sunday 10am - 5pm
  • Live Musicians and Food Trucks both days
  • All Shops, Eateries and Entertainment Venues are OPEN

Visit Granbury's Visitor Center is open for all questions and assistance with overnight accomodations 201 E Pearl St, Granbury, TX 76048 Phone(817) 573-5548 www.visitgranbury.com

What are the options for parking?
There are spaces available on the open streets around the Granbury Square. Bridge and Crockett Streets will be closed but filled with artisan gallery booths.

  • Behind the Granbury Opera House (Restrooms also located here)
  • Granbury City Hall  116 W Bridge St.
  • E. Pearl St. Parking- Just east of the square there is a large parking lot available on your right on E. Pearl St.
  • Remote Parking- This parking lot has 82 spaces available.  It is free to the public.   You will find it adjacent to Shanley Park. It is located on Rucker St., between Houston St. and Crockett St.
  • Overflow Parking – available across the street from the Granbury Convention Center adjacent to Hewlett Park on E. Pearl St. A complimentary tram will be available to and from this remote location both days between 11am - 5pm  
  • The Tram stop is located on the NE corner of the Square.
  • Granbury Trolley provides a loop ride from the Square to the B&B's and Hotels.

Public Restroom Facilities

  • The Visit Granbury Visitors Center (SE corner inside Granbury Square Plaza) Also the location of the Children's Creation Area.
  • Courtyard at the Old Jail Museum (NE corner near Nutt Hotel)
  • Large Facility Behind the Opera House
  • Dora Lee Langdon Center Near Concert Hall

The first General Granbury Birthday Bash


By Melinda Jo Ray

It was a vision hatched in ice cream.  It became one of the signature events of our community.

IT is the Annual General Granbury’s Birthday Celebration that ushers in spring every year on the Historic Granbury Square!  2019 marks the 41st Annual version of this fun and whimsical event!  Visitors will once again flock to meet, eat, compete, and just have a jolly good time presided over by the newly elected BEAN QUEEN and the stalwart image of General Hiram Granbury, the hero of the Civil War from whom our town gets its name!

All this fun is the result of an ice cream fueled meeting of square merchants who met one night back in 1980 to bemoan the lack of springtime events on the square!  It was an early meeting of the downtown merchants association that became known as HGMA (Historic Granbury Merchants Association) and everyone there was feeling the pinch of fewer shoppers in that long stretch between Christmas and the start of the summer tourist season.  Stephanie Jester, Jackie Ellis, Kay Gill, Tom and Nita Hafford, Louise Ratliff, Harley Murray, Hans Gerhardt and Jeaninne Macon were among the group gathered that night at the old Rinky Tinks Ice Cream Parlor.  Brains fueled by various flavors of the place’s signature product – they resolved to come up with something fun – a whimsical event that would draw local folks down to the square. 

So… what could be more fun than a party, they said!  And someone, probably inspired by their surroundings, said how about a Birthday Party- with cake and ice cream!?!?   Everyone liked that idea- but WHOSE birthday.  They wanted to tie it to the town- and it was remembered that General Hiram Granbury was born on March 1st!  - That was EXACTLY the right time of year for what they were planning!  - And so, AN EVENT was born!  We were gonna have a BIRTHDAY PARTY!  A BIG BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!  And so, they began to plan.


Let’s listen in….

The idea of honoring the General led to the idea of a PARADE- yeah, that would draw folks.   And we can have somebody play General Granbury- dress him up in a Confederate uniform and he can be in the parade.  And after the paraded, people can gather on the square!  But just a cake and some ice cream won’t keep them down there long.  We need something to go on all day!!!  Well, maybe if we had some kind of contest….  we could let people judge…. yeah, like a chili cook-off!!!!  Nah, everybody and their dog does chili cook-offs!  We want to be DIFFERENT!   Hmmmm…. Hey, how about BEANS!?!?!  Lots of folks have a special way they make beans!!  Let’s do BEANS!!!  We could have folks cook their beans right here on the square, and people could wander around shop and kind of make a picnic of it on the courthouse lawn, after the parade, and we could maybe have General Granbury wandering around visiting with folks and we could turn it into a celebration of our great town!  Oh, and ya know – to be in the parade and go around with General Granbury- maybe we need a Miss Granbury contest?  Nah, we wanna be DIFFERENT!  We got BEANS…. HEY, HOW ABOUT A BEAN QUEEN?!?!?!?  It has a ring to it!!!  Now to be the BEAN QUEEN- this gal has got to have a sense of humor!!  And how do we pick her?  Hey, let’s pick somebody that is always a good sport about helping us do events on the square.  That way we can thank somebody each year!  Okay!  This is going to be FUN!!!

Yep, according to some folks who were there- that’s pretty much how the conversation went!   And so just a few weeks later…  event chairman Stephanie Jester and team, under the skeptical eye of some community members who thought they had lost their collective minds, banded together and hosted the first ever GENERAL GRANBURY’S BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION on the square! Granbury Mayor Howard Clemmons, who already played Santa on the square at Christmas, agreed to become GENERAL GRANBURY.  The merchants elected JEAN CATE, local good sport extraordinaire, as the first ever BEAN QUEEN!  They presided over the first ever BEAN COOK-OFF!  That first cook-off had TEN contestants!  Four were husbands of square merchants, along with five other locals and Pauline Padgett of Arlington competed for the honors.  All touted secret recipes and special ingredients!  It was rumored that one of the contestant’s secret was a few chunks of armadillo in the pot!  The judges included several locals along with Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist George Dolan, and Brownwood mortician/prankster Groner Pitts.  The first ever BEAN COOK-OFF WINNER was KATY HILL! 

After the judging the beans were sold and consumed by the citizens who had gathered.  A large red, white and blue, three –tiered cake was hauled out and everybody sang happy birthday to the General.  Cake was served up by the Mayor/General and folks spent the afternoon shopping, picnicking on the courthouse lawn, and visiting.  In a moment of solemnity, a wreath was laid at the General Granbury statue.  Afterwards, a local mystery was solved. Two benches had disappeared from under “the tree of knowledge” by the courthouse.  Turns out, they were being repaired and refurbished for the occasion by Gary Best’s woodworking class at Granbury High School.  

The event was described by the local newspaper as a “big hit”, and the annual tradition was born.  Through the intervening years other whimsical and “different” events have been added- including the OUTHOUSE RACES, and various EATING CONTESTS.  Vendors were brought in to add to the festivities, and the BEAN COOK-OFF was expanded to include RIBS as well.  A citizens’ voting category was added along the way and several years ago festivities boasted both a BEAN KING and BEAN QUEEN, Scott and Viki Young! 

FUN is still the focus of this spring kick-off event on the Historic Granbury Square!  This year is no exception!  The schedule of activities is jam-packed, with 14 competition cookers, 3 huge birthday cakes a big Texas heritage parade, and the many boutiques and specialty shops on the square will be holding special sales and items that weekend as well.  General Granbury’s Birthday Bash is sponsored for its 41st year by the Historic Granbury Merchants Association, the same group whose leaders gathered in that ice cream parlor all those years ago- determined to stir up some SPRING TIME FUN on the GRANBURY SQUARE. 

First Bean Competition and Judging


General Granbury's First Birthday Cake

Granbury After Dark (Holiday Version)

The Granbury Square is THE place to be on Friday and Saturday nights during the Holidays.  Meet up with friends and family for a festive evening on the Square!  You can catch high-quality entertainment starting at only $20 at the Granbury Opera House and The New Granbury Live. After the show you can relax with your friends with drink specials at Eighteen Ninety Grille and Lounge, Ketzler's Schnitzel Haus und Biergarten, Christina's Boutique, or Farina's Winery & Cafe Granbury. If you haven't been to the square lately, come and see us - we're open! (Video credit: GreenFox Marketing)

Granbury Square Midnight Video

Thank you www.TexasTinyHomes.com for creating a peaceful video of our charming and beautiful Granbury Square at midnight.  


Thanksgiving Dinner On Granbury Square

Every year we look forward to eating our weight in turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and dessert. But if you're the Thanksgiving cook, you know with great power comes great responsibility, and typically, a whole lot of stress. Thankfully, these eateries on the Granbury Square are open to make your Turkey Day as easy as pie. (Did we mention we love pie?)


Paradise Bistro & Ketzler's Schnitzel Haus


Reservations Encouraged  (817) 573-3853





It's What's Happenin' Oct. 13-15 on the Granbury Square

Check Out This Weekend's 

Calendar of Events

For Info, Locations, Times & Tickets


Friday October 15  

Shop Stroll & Savor

D'Vine Wine presents Music, Massage and Merlot Karaoke Night


The Long Run (the Eagles Tribute Band) at the Granbury Opera House

Saturday October 16

Shop Stroll & Savor

Annual Brazos River Corvette Show


Girls Night Out shopping event all around the Square 

Jamie O' Neal performances at the New Granbury Live

The Long Run (the Eagles Tribute Band) at the Granbury Opera House

Sunday October 17

Shop Stroll & Savor


The Long Run (the Eagles Tribute Band) at the Granbury Opera House




On October 21-22 Granbury’s art scene comes alive at the Harvest Moon Festival of the Arts. This family friendly festival is set against the backdrop of the most vibrant downtown Square in Texas with one-of-a-kind creations along with musical entertainment and so much more. Plan your weekend now to enjoy this unique cultural experience that only Granbury, Texas can offer.

Community Carnival Spring 2017


Kids of all ages will have a blast during the 2017 spring Carnival.  Celebrate the end of another school year with friends and family May 26-June 24.  Open daily. 

Easter Sunday Dining on the Granbury Square

 Enjoy a holiday meal with friends & family this Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017 over brunch, lunch or dinner on the Granbury Square.

Easter is just a few days away and we are excited to invite you to the Granbury Square for brunch, lunch or dinner. Below are the restaurants setting an Easter table this Sunday. The phone numbers are included so you may call to make a reservation if necessary.

We can't guarantee you will see the Easter Bunny, but our beautiful square is a perfect picturesque location  for Easter photos too. 

Babes Chicken Dinner House | 10am - 9 pm | 817-573-9777 

Christina's Bistro | Brunch 10am - 2pm |  817-579-9777

Farinas | Brunch 10am - 2 pm | 10am - 9 pm | 817-579-5300

Fillin' Station | 11am - 9 pm | 817-573-1554

Ketzler's | 12pm - 8 pm |682-936-2777 

Linda's Southern Kitchen | 11am - 2pm | 817-573-1952 

Paradise Bistro | 9am - 4:30pm | 817-573-3853




Country Living Magazine Beautiful Town Squares

15 Best Small Towns to Visit in Texas

The Crazy Tourist named Granbury one of the 15 Best Small Towns to Visit in Texas!

"If you’re looking for the American old west and outlaw history, Granbury is a great place to start.  Most believe that Jesse James, a famous outlaw of the late 19th century is buried in Missouri, but locals in Granbury are adamant that he’s actually buried there.

Be sure to check out the Granbury Opera house (established just after the Texas revolution) and the Revolver Brewing company while you’re at it.  Go a little further back in time when you visit Dinosaur World, complete with life sized replicas of some of the creatures whose fossils have been found nearby."

So go ahead, plan your trip to Granbury. Stay in one of our award-winning bed and breakfasts. See a production at the Historic Granbury Opera House. Dine in one of the many fine eateries on the square and find a treasure in one of our boutiques. See you soon!

Experience the Beauty and Charm of the “Texas Take” on the Victorian Age

Step Back in Time. Experience the American dream of our Forefathers and a treasure to be found right next door.

Take a stroll through the streets of a town built from a vision of what a community should be.  Historic Granbury was voted by readers of Texas Highways Magazine – The Best Town Square in Texas. Granbury’s town square is first in the Nation to be added to National Register of Historic Places and model for the National Trust’s Main Street program.

Built by courageous and hearty pioneers to be a beacon of civilization in the wilderness and lovingly preserved by generations who followed. The Historic Courthouse Square and Historic District in Granbury invites you to step back in time to experience the beauty and charm of the “Texas take” on the Victorian Age!  The 19th century architecture of brick and limestone on the bluff high above the waters of Lake Granbury on the Brazos River provide the fascinating and inspiring backdrop for your journey, but it is the people and their stories – both past and present – that will make your time here the memory of a lifetime.  In the present you will meet innkeepers and hoteliers who will welcome you to historic inns, waterfront resorts, and stately Bed & Breakfasts. Chefs and down home cooks are eager to treat your palate to both the comforting homeliness of good old southern food and the flavors of gourmet and international cuisines along with beverages from local wineries and a craft brewery.  

You will find artists creating beauty in their galleries, musicians and actors creating moments that touch your heart and soul on the stages of the Historic Granbury Opera House and the nostalgic Big City Music Revue.  In the historic buildings themselves you will meet enthusiastic, friendly merchants and entrepreneurs, carrying on a century and half old tradition of quality merchandise with caring customer service.  And as you walk through their buildings, stroll their stone sidewalks, visit museums and homes that tell their stories you will encounter the folks of the past, the visionaries and builders who forged a home in the wilderness. They will whisper to you of days gone by as they inspire you to make new memories, new romance, new history, new fun right here in Granbury- the place "Where Texas History Lives" and where the good old days are just minutes away. 

Written by Melinda Jo Ray for The Historic Granbury Merchants Association
The HGMA has been an active organization for the past 28 years, promoting the merchants who do business in the Historic District of Granbury, as well as other member businesses in the Greater Granbury area.

historic granbury texas, visit granbury

Recapping 2016 and Excited About 2017

Granbury Hist Merchants Assoc. logo

Dear Friends of the Granbury Square,

As 2016 came to a close, I'd like to recap the highlights of the HGMA (The Historic Granbury Merchants Assoc.) year.   There were 10 successful events produced and sponsored by HGMA, promoting Granbury, the Square, and tourism - 

Gen Granbury's Birthday celebration (March)

Cruisin' Granbury Memorial Day Weekend  (May)

LakeFest Labor Day Weekend (September)

Granbury Community Carnival (October)

Harvest Moon Festival of the Arts (October)

Country Christmas Parade (November)

Santa's House ( November - December)

Sip and Shop Thursday Nights (December)

Granbury- A Candlelight Tour (December)



HGMA sponsors "Girls Night Out" every second Saturday of the month, February - December.

HGMA advertises the Historic Business District and special events in the Hood County News, 360 West Magazine, Indulge Magazine, Weatherford Democrat, The Glen Rose Reporter, Cleburne Times-Review, Ft Worth Star Telegram, Tarleton Public Radio, Lake Granbury Area Chamber weekly E-Flash and E-Blast, Show Case Magazine, Granbury Unlimited Marketplace. HGMA, also, actively promoted Social Media Platforms, Face Book, Instagram, Twitter, various online Calendar of Events i.e. DFW Guide Live, Texas Monthly, Texas Highways, and Good2CU text promotions.

HGMA keeps members informed as to what is happening on the Square, at City Hall and Commissioner's Court.  HGMA is also the "voice" of the merchants that is heard better than any other voice.

HGMA creates posters for all events and handout information for point of sale. 

We meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month at Babe's. 8:30 am, except the 1st of each quarter, there is an evening social meeting with a short business meeting.

Please consider renewing your membership, or joining, if you have not done so.  We need your support, ideas and participation!  Contact us at 682-936-4550

scott young hgma

Happy New Year,

Scott Young, President

Historic Granbury Merchants Association

The Granbury Square Won TripAdvisor's Certificate of Excellence Award

The Granbury Square won TripAdvisor's Certificate of Excellence Award for consistently demonstrating a commitment to hospitality excellence and for a superior visitor experience. This award is based on customer/visitor reviews and we are very honored. Congratulations to the businesses on our beautiful square who work hard for superior customer service and love what they do! Thank you for the BEST reviews!

Click the image to leave your review too!  

final, for trip advisor

It's Fall in Granbury Y'all

Historic Granbury Hosts Harvest Activities October 16-18

Harvest Moon banners R1


Historic Granbury will be hosting a wide variety of fall activities the weekend of October 16-18. During the celebration, attendees can take in the local sights, sounds and flavors of Granbury. From hot air balloon rides to an art festival, there is something for everyone to enjoy!

What: City of Granbury Fall Harvest Activities

When: Friday, October 16–Saturday, October 18

Where: Granbury, Texas


Harvest Moon Festival

Harvest Moon Festival of the Arts celebrates its 37th annual event on October 17-18 showcasing the unique and diverse works from 50+ artists, makers and craftspeople!  In addition to amazing creations all around the quaint and historic downtown square, there will be fantastic food, music and an interactive, “make-it, take-it” arts area for all ages!  Acoustical musicians will be performing both days, there is a public invited Happy Hour concert Sat. evening featuring the music of D.W. Blues Band at the outdoor pavilion at Granbury Square Plaza 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm  and it's bring your own favorite beverages and snacks.  

There is also the opportunity to hear Luke Wade a N. Texas native and finalist on the 2014 The Voice

Sunday 1:30 - 2:30 also on the Square


BalloonDayz in Granbury returns to the Granbury Regional Airport on October 16-18.  Morning balloon flights will leave from the airport and balloon festival activities will resume in the evening with tethered rides at the airport.  Visit the Harvest Moon Festival during the day as all balloon activities will take place early in the morning or after sunset! Please go to www.balloondayz.com for event details and to reserve morning flights or 417-599-1782.


The Lake Granbury Art Association’s Annual Fall Festival of Art

The Lake Granbury Art Association’s Annual Fall Festival of Art opens with an awards reception on Saturday, October 17 at 6:30 pm. at the Shanley House Gallery located at 224 Travis St.  The public is invited to attend the juried show and sale!

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Presented by Granbury Theatre Company at the Opera House.  A musical thriller by the incredible Stephen Sondheim (who also is responsible for Into The Woods) There will be 4 performances Friday - Saturday 7:30 pm and Saturday - Sunday matinees at 2:00 pm

For tickets 817-579-0952 or www.granburytheatrecompany.org

Granbury Ghost and Legends Tour

Named by Frommer's Travel Guides as one of the seven BEST ghost tours in the country!  www.granburytours.com  Fri. – Sat. 7:00 p and 9:15p

Junkin’ in the Hood

If you love to shop for rusty, junky,vintage and antique items for decor or DIY, you don’t want to miss this event…Junkin’ in the Hood!!! The outdoor vendor shopping event will be held on October 16-18 from 9:00-5:00 each day and is located at 2901 Weatherford Hwy (51) in Granbury.  Interested in being a vendor? Have questions? Email warrensbackyard@gmail.com or call Joni Berry 817-219-4859.


For more information :

http://www.granburysquare.com and http://www.facebook.com/harvestmoongranbury

Calling All Artists for Harvest Moon Festival!

Deadline to apply is September 30, 2015.

final call for artists

Granbury Square Antiquing Destination

Posted October 24, 2014


granbury antiques


You’d be hard pressed to find any place in Texas with as much continuous and well-documented history as Granbury.  The Historic Downtown Granbury Square with its shopping and tranquil, cool ambiance  quickly emerges as one of Texas’ easiest-to-reach day trips, weekend getaway spots or pointed shopping destinations. To an antiques treasure hunter, Granbury is that great little town that still contains a myriad of great buys on a variety of good antiques…. buyers’ nirvana – for all levels of collectors.  Visit Brazos Moon, The Nutt Hotel Shoppes, The Wagon Yard and The Bridge as well as discovering those little pockets of vintage and antiquities in various other locations around the historic district's shopping district.

Granbury Texas Antique Destination Shopping



The Fourth Annual Granbury Paranormal Expo Is Coming!

Granbury Resort Conference Center April 25-26



Brandy Herr Founder of Granbury Ghost and Legends Tours and author of Haunted Granbury has been a busy gal this year. The Fourth Annual Granbury Paranormal Expo will hit the Granbury Resort Conference Center April 25-26, this time hosting its first ever two-day event. That means double the ghosts, double the psychics, double the UFOs and double the fun. 

Headlining the event will be Amelia Kinkade, star of the Night of the Demons trilogy, and now a celebrity animal psychic. Amelia Kinkade has worked with such high profile clients as Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Dick Clark, and Barbara Walters. She also works with orphaned elephants in Nairobi, Olympic show horses, and rescued beagles from the Beagle Freedom Project.        

“We are so excited for Amelia Kinkade to be joining us at this event,” said Brandy Herr, co-founder of the Granbury Paranormal Expo. “With her horror movie background, and her expertise in animal communication, she offers a wide variety to appeal to everyone.” Check out the list of Exhibitors.  www.granburyparanormalexpo.com/Pages/Exhibitors.aspx

As an added bonus to the event, Amelia Kinkade will be hosting a special two-hour seminar on Sunday at the Expo, where she will teach guests how to communicate with animals themselves. During this seminar, she will give a live demonstration by communicating with Doofus, the spokesdog for local animal rescue Second Chance Farm. This seminar is an additional $45 per person, pre-paid registration only. Register for the Amelia Kinkade seminar at www.GranburyParanormalExpo.com.

Joining Amelia Kinkade as guest speaker will be Will Scoville, Tui Snider, and Becky Vickers. Scoville will be discussing his documentary Swinging At Shadows. Snider is the author of Unexpected Texas and Paranormal Texas. Vickers, the founder of Beck’s Ghost Hunters, will be giving a Ghost Hunting 101 presentation for beginners.

Fascinating fact about our special guest speaker Amelia Kinkade: Fame and animal advocacy run in her family. Her aunt is Rue McClanahan, best known for her role as Blanche Devereaux on The Golden Girls. But that's not all!Did you know Amelia is actually responsible for the character of Blanche? Rue McClanahan was upset when they wanted her character to be a "dumb blonde," because she didn't think having two "dumb blonde" characters on the show would work. Amelia encouraged her to read her lines in a more seductive tone, and thus, the Emmy-winning role of Blanche was born!

The Granbury Paranormal Expo is brought to you by the Granbury Ghosts and Legends Tour.  The tour will be running its usual times during the weekend of the Expo, so even after the Conference Center doors are closed, your paranormal adventures don't have to end! Spend a spooky evening with the ghost stories and legends of historic Granbury, TX!  Meet the Lady in Red, the Faceless Girl, and Indian Joe. Maybe even... John Wilkes Booth?  Your tour guides dressed in Civil War or Western period attire will tell you these stories and more as they take you around Granbury's Historic Square.  Cost is $10 per person, $7 for children 12 and under.  Tours are year round every Friday and Saturday evening, weather permitting, with two tours nightly, one at 7:00 and one at 9:15.  Meet at the Wagon Yard Courtyard on Bridge St. next to the (Haunted) Nutt Hotel. 

Reservations are recommended.  Space is limited! 

For reservations, contact 817-559-0849 or GranburyGhosts@gmail.com.

For the latest news and updates on the event, or to register for the Amelia Kinkade seminar

 Visit www.GranburyParanormalExpo.com.

Brandy Herr can be reached at GranburyGhosts@gmail.com or 817-559-0849.



Guest Bloggers Heather Cleveland & Janie Jones



Wine Walk is Friday & Saturday, April 24-25, noon-8pm.

VIP Sip ‘n’ Savor is April 23, evening

Hood County is always a wine-lovers choice (FOUR wineries in our small county!), but never more than during the Granbury Wine Walk. While you can stroll downtown Granbury with your favorite Merlot in hand any day, only during the Granbury Wine Walk can you walk to as many as twenty participating Texas wineries! The sixth annual Granbury Wine Walk is the place to experience the authentic character of Texas through its wine, food, music and art.

The Granbury Wine Walk kicks off Friday, April 24, and again, Saturday, April 25, noon-8pm each day. Wine Walkers can enjoy live local music at clusters of booths, each cluster offering Texas flavors in wine, food and art. The community gets into the spirit, as well! Lake Granbury Art Association is hosting a silent art auction benefitting their organization; and the respected Rio Brazos Art Exhibition, a nationally juried art show, is in full swing at the Langdon Center. Visit the show and vote for your favorite in the popular People’s Choice Award. Be sure and look for the Emerging Artists booth, a program supported by Tarleton State University and the Granbury Wine Walk.

The celebration begins with the prominent “Sip & Savor” VIP event on Thursday evening, April 23. Attendees enjoy a taste of Texas with hors d’oeuvres from North Texas’ favorite celebrity chefs paired with carefully selected wines from wineries at the Wine Walk. Look at VIP under the “Events” tab on the Wine Walk website for more information about this premier event!


For tickets and information www.granburywinewalk.com

Granbury – The Top City In The State For Retirees

Debbie Schneider For The Hood County News February 28, 2015

Congratulations Granbury!  SmartAsset  named Granbury the top city in the state for retirees.  

Congratulations Granbury

Photo Credit Shad Ramsey


Based on taxes, doctors, recreation centers and retirement centers and social life, a company called SmartAsset has ranked Granbury above Fredericksburg as the best place to retire in Texas.

“Glad to see SmartAsset recognizes Granbury for the gem that we know it is,” said Mayor Nin Hulett.

SmartAsset is a venture-backed financial technology company that uses data to provide advice on big financial decisions like home-buying and saving up for retirement, according to company spokesman Steve Sabato.

Sabato said the index was derived from the four categories, and no online voting was involved.

“We work with over 130 data partners to uncover interesting findings on these topics,” he explained.

Hulett praised Granbury, stating, “We have top-notch medical facilities and health care staff, along with well planned and beautiful retirement communities. An active Senior Center plus all sorts of recreational opportunities from golf, parks and walking trails, along with live theater, music and the arts come together to complete the picture in our community.”


Rank Score

1. Granbury 96

2. Fredericksburg 94.4

3. Boerne 92.9

4. Decatur 92.8

5. Livingston 92.6

6. Tomball 90.9

7. Bastrop 88.8

8. Woodway 86.7

9. Katy 85.6

10. Richmond 84.8

Nationwide, the SmartAsset rankings find Florida as the best place to retire. The top 10 list includes nine cities in Florida and one in Delaware.

Different studies use a variety of data to rank the top places to retire.

For example, when “Money” magazine named its top retirement spots in the nation last November, cities in Florida or Texas did not make the cut.

Bella Vista, Arkansas was named the best place to keep costs low in retirement. Bella Vista was recognized with a median home price of $102,000 and median monthly rent at $895. The city was also praised for great weather and for lots of retirees.

“Money” ranked Iowa City, Iowa as the best place for an encore career in retirement, though winter was listed as “a challenge.” The median home price is reported at $191,000.

The magazine named Northfied, Minnesota as the best place for a well-rounded retirement. Again, frosty winter climate was cited as a downside. Median home price is $200,450.

The median home price in Hood County is listed at $150,900, based on findings from 2009 – 2013, US Census QuickFacts.

dschneider@hcnews.com | 817-573-7066, ext. 255



General Granbury Celebrates 

Texas Independence March 21-22 2015



General Granbury’s Birthday & Cook Off Celebration has been combined with www.March2Texas.com Texas Independence Day Celebration of North Texas in Granbury (Due to weather cancellation)  This is going to be a huge weekend with PARADE at 11:00 am Saturday March 21, Bull Riding and Mutton Busting on the City Beach!  Full Event Schedule  HERE

Presented by Historic Granbury Merchants Association and the Texas Hero’s Foundation. Vendor booths on the square, historic reenactments, 10-5 , birthday cakes, beans and barbecue cook-off and the infamous Out House Race!

This will be the 37th General Granbury’s Birthday Celebration, Bean, Rib and Brisket Cook-off . Come enjoy birthday cake and ice cream as part of the opening ceremony at 10:00 am Saturday. Authentic Texan/Pioneer and modern Arts/Craft and Food Vendors will be located on the Square for this annual festival.  Children’s area and live entertainment both days. 

Activities include a cook-off, entertainment, PARADE and lots of other activities still being scheduled.  Brenda Hyde Historic Granbury Merchants Association Event Coordinator 817-573-5299 GranburyHGMA@gmail.com


Great Shopping, Dining and Entertainment for the Entire Family!


 VISIT  http://granburysquare.com/general-granburys-birthday-festival

For Festival Vendor Applications or OutHouse Rules for this event .

VISIT http://granburysquare.com/festival-vendor-applications

For information about any of the Texas Independence Events Visit www.march2texas.com 

Looking for lodging for your family and/or pets?

Visit http://granburysquare.com/where-to-stay

You may also find more information at www.visitgranbury.com 






Everything’s Waiting For You Downtown Granbury

The Historic Downtown Square of Granbury, Texas offers local flavor and southern hospitality.

Our community is home to a number of owner operated boutique style stores, restaurants and wineries and each offer a unique shopping experience. Whether you’re looking for art, antiques, eclectic boutiques, kitchen gadgets, wine & spices, home decor, fashion, embellishments, or collectibles, you’ll find it right here. Spend the day or weekend exploring Downtown Granbury.  Stop by the City of Granbury Visitors Center or the Granbury Chamber of Commerce for more information about the area.  See you soon! 

Historic Downtown Granbury

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March2Texas Independence Weekend Festival

Due to weather issues the Celebration has been postponed until March 21-22 which is also General Granbury's Birthday Festival.  The Student History Fair and Memorial Service is continuing as scheduled.  The Memorial Service has been moved indoors to Acton Baptist Church which is by the cemetery.  

webTexasIndependenceDay12_medIt is a familiar story handed down from generation-to-generation about how the victorious battle over Mexico led to the birth of Texas as a sovereign nation and the heroes that emerged from that hard-earned conflict.

In an ongoing effort to educate students in Granbury on the “Alamo Battle of 1836,” one of the bloodiest clashes in Texas history, three men formed the Texas Heroes Foundation. Their mission is to educate but also create a family festival and remember March 2, 1836 — the day Texas became an independent nation.

Our community celebrates Texas Independence Day with music, food, historical reenactments, story tellers, authentic Texas crafting, Chuck Wagon chefs and lots of fun-filled activities. Most of the events are held in the town’s downtown square around the historic Hood County Courthouse that was built in 1886, also The Langdon Center Complex and on the City of Granbury Public Beach that will feature professional bull-riding and there's also mutton busting featuring some one the best young busters!

For the full schedule of events please visit www.March2Texas.com  AND www.facebook.com/march2texas

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An HGMA Granbury Christmas

You still have time to experience the magic of Christmas on the historic square.  The shopping is fantastic, stores and restaurants throughout the Culinary and Historical  Districts are  open later than normal hours.  Leave the hustle and bustle of the big city or,  stay local and support the Historic Granbury Downtown Merchants.  Most shops do complimentary gift wrapping.  Merry Christmas from the Historic Granbury Merchants Association.

A Granbury Christmas

Click Here For A Christmas In Granbury 2014


Commemorating General Hiram Granbury

Posted November 30, 2014
By Scott Young President HGMA


Sunday, November 30th marks the sesquicentennial of the Battle of Franklin (Tenn.). This battle, in the closing months of the American Civil War, is significant for many reasons.  I would encourage a search of the Battle of Franklin and the Battle of Franklin Trust to learn what happened that day. It was one of the bloodiest 4 hours of the Civil War with roughly 6,000 confederate casualties and roughly 3000 Federal casualties. The Franklin Trust preserves the sites and details of this horrific battle with no editorial to politics or winner or loser of the conflict.  They choose to honor all who had strength and conviction to a cause; those who nobly served and fulfilled their obligation and those who made the ultimate sacrifice, that day, with their lives.

To those of us who reside in, or have connections to, Granbury, Hood County, Texas, this is a special connection and a time for remembrance.  Lieutenant General John Bell Hood (Hood County) was the Commander of the Confederate forces. Brigadier General Hiram B. Granbury, along with four other confederate generals, were killed that day. One of the four was Major Gen Patrick Cleburne.  There must have been a large influx to our part of Texas from that area of middle Tennessee, Mississippi and the South.   We see the result of the migration, by many of the surviving veterans, who chose to honor the memory of their leaders and those who died in battle with the names of their newly formed towns and counties.

So, Sunday, November 30th about 4:00 pm, take a long breath and imagine for a second how it must have felt to be staring across a field where, no more than a hundred yards away, were other young soldiers staring back.  As in any battle, the fear, courage, faith and determination must have been palatable.  Within 4 hour hours, the name sake of the towns of Granbury and Cleburne lay dead, later to be laid out on the back veranda of Carnton Plantation (another recommended look up).

My wife Viki and I visited Franklin two years ago and stood where Granbury and Cleburne were laid out.  A picture is below, that we took, of the
back veranda.  The space in front of, and between, the windows was where they were.  These were gallant men, whom we should be proud, became the namesake of our town.  May they Rest in Peace and may Light Perpetual shine upon them!

General Hiram Granbury died on the site of this parking lot 150 years ago today. The site is now owned by The Battle of Franklin Trust which is demolishing the building now & it will become part of the battleground park.

general granbury

{Photo Credits: Scott Young, Kellye Murphy, Charles Parrish, Teri Ewing}

Only 30 miles and a Hundred Years Southwest

Re-Posted:  November 6, 2014
By Scott Young
President of Historic Granbury Merchants Association

The Historic Granbury Square has been the center of business and political life in Granbury and Hood County for almost 150 years. Mostly settled in the years after the Civil War by Confederate states’ veterans, Granbury became a place to start again, to dream and to prosper.  The architecture on the Square reflected Southern heritage with local Granbury stone creating a new, Texas heritage.  These settlers chose the name of Brigadier General Hiram Granbury as a name for their township and Lieutenant General John Bell Hood as the namesake for the County.  Gen Granbury was martyred at the Battle of Franklin (Tenn) on November 30, 1864.  Gen Hood was a distinguished commander in the CSA army, but made tactile errors in the resounding defeat at Franklin.  I have no research to support it, but by choosing those two Confederate Heroes, I would guess many of the settlers in the 1860-70’s would have been from Mississippi and Tennessee.

In 1890-91 the impressive County Court House was completed.  Many of the buildings were completed from 1880 to 1900.  As a nod to culture and refinement, The Granbury Opera House was completed in 1886.  And since that time commerce and justice have been the Heart of the community, with the Square being the Soul of the community.  The Square is where we gather, have dinner, imbibe, shop for something very special, see world class theater and entertainment, and hold our community events and festivals.  Bed and Breakfasts, museums, art galleries, a lake, 6 outstanding golf courses, legends and ghosts, and a culinary district are right here in Granbury.

This Square, “Where Texas History Lives,” is the first town square, in Texas, registered in the National Register of Historic Places. Southern Living magazine named Granbury one of the top 10 small towns of the South.  In the USA Today best Summer Weekend Escape, Granbury came in 2nd in the whole, dadgum, USA!!!!

On the Banks of Lake Granbury and the Brazos River, Granbury is a perfect get-away, only 30 miles and a hundred years southwest of Ft Worth. See you this weekend? 

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Harvest Moon Festival Epiloge & Photos

October 20, 2014
Posted By Scott Young
President HGMA

OK, stick a fork in it!  It's done - one of the biggest festival weekends in a long time in G'Town.  It's history!

Harvest Moon Festival of the Arts, featured 42 fine artists from around the country and a fabulous market place of vendors.  B I G, Balloons in Granbury, featured 10 balloons which flew Saturday and Sunday morning and tethered on Friday night and did a candle glow and balloon glow Saturday night.  There was Jazz on the Green at the Langdon Centre. There was the Granbury Arts Alliance event in Celebration Hall with a very creative silent auction of various created moons to raise funds for the Alliance. Granbury Live played to a packed House Saturday night. Incredible music on the Court House Square Stage featured Aurora Bleu and Michael and Alicia Alexander, both Granbury favorites. 

The Square looked festive decorated for fall, filled with festival tents and throngs of people.  It was great people and dog watching. The merchants on the Square are stocked with fall and Holiday fashions, decor and gifts. Our restaurants are all happening places for everything from watching college football to fine dining! 

Huge crowds on and around the Square and airport enjoyed themselves, bought art, ate wonderful festival food and listened to great music.  Were you there?  Send us your pictures!  hgmasocial@gmail.com or use (hashtag) #GranburyHarvestMoon.  We’d like to share them.

Closing out an amazing October, HGMA sponsors Trick or Treat on the Square Halloween Day from 3:00 - 5:00.  Bring the kids and trick or treat !!!!

Thank you for an incredible turnout and we are already planning to make it better next year!  Congratulations to the 2014 Juried Artist Winners! 

Scott Young
President Historic Granbury Merchants Association

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Ghosts and Mystery Make Granbury the Place to Be in October!

October 1, 2014
By Brandy Herr 
Guest Blogger and Author of Haunted Granbury

When you walk Granbury’s downtown square, especially when you feel the nip of October chill in the air, it’s impossible not to believe in the legends and ghost stories that haunt the historic buildings.  This Old West town is rife with intrigue and mystery.  You can have a stay at the Nutt House Hotel, where former owner Mary Lou still checks on her guests, years after she herself has been gone.  You can catch a production at the Granbury Opera House, where presidential assassin John Wilkes Booth is believed to still perform from time to time, having moved to Granbury after faking his death.  Another cheater of death is believed to be buried at the Granbury Cemetery, where you can visit the grave of the infamous Jesse James.

The history and mystery of Granbury has become so renowned, it spawned a weekly tour dedicated to the past residents of the town that just don’t want to leave.  The Granbury Ghosts and Legends Tour, named one of the seven best ghost tours in the country by Frommer’s Travel Guides, takes guests on an hour-long walking tour around the square and shares with them the spooky tales that surround the town.  Tours are Friday and Saturday night at 7:00 and 9:15.  Ticket prices are $10 per adult, $7 for children 12 and under.  The Granbury Ghosts and Legends Tour runs year-round.

For visitors that can’t get enough of Granbury’s spooky history, they can also take the Last Mile Cemetery Tour on Friday and Saturday nights at 10:45.  This is an hour-long walking tour through the Granbury Cemetery by flashlight where we visit the graves of many of Granbury’s founders and celebrities.  Reservations are required for the Last Mile Cemetery Tour, as the tour is subject to availability. For information on both tours, visit www.GranburyTours.com.

The success of the Granbury Ghosts and Legends Tour inspired tour co-founder Brandy Herr to pen a book, titled Haunted Granbury, released in February 2014 by The History Press.  The book tells of many of the known ghost stories found throughout the square, but adds a more in-depth look, with Herr sharing her personal experiences as a ghost hunter investigating the square.  In the book, you will also find more personal eyewitness accounts from people who have worked on the square throughout the years and have experienced strange happenings themselves.  Haunted Granbury is sold at several shops throughout the square, including Artefactz, the Nutt House Shoppes, and Spellbound.  You can also find it available on Amazon and all other major online retailers, and it is available as an e-book. 

Like the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/HauntedGranbury for updates and news on author appearances.

For the traveler that wants to make sure they get the most ghostly bang for their buck, you can now purchase a Granbury Ghostly Getaway, an all-inclusive Granbury vacation package that hits many of the haunted hot spots around town.  There are several different package options to choose from, depending on when and how long you will stay.  For more information about booking a Granbury Ghostly Getaway, contact the Granbury Ghosts and Legends Tour.

This October, Granbury is becoming a one-stop-shop for Halloween.  Along with the Granbury Ghosts and Legends Tour, there are a few events you might want to check out.  On October 25, dog lovers can join us for Bow Wow Trick or Treat at Shanley Park, just off the square.  This fundraiser for Hood County Animal Lovers Organization (HALO) and Second Chance Farm will bring a Halloween carnival to the dogs, complete with trick-or-treating for dog treats. 

Like the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/BowWowTrickOrTreat for more information.

If a really healthy dose of Halloween fright is what you are looking for, don’t miss the first annual GranScary, a haunted house at the Hood County Reunion Grounds to benefit the United Way’s partner agencies.  This year will benefit Hood County Christmas for children.  Not only will GranScary host a haunted house that is not for the faint of heart, but there will also be an alcohol-free nightclub with games and music, hay rides, and a ghostly tram ride through the Granbury Cemetery.  Tickets for the entire attraction will be $20 per person.  For more information,

Like the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/GranScary.

There is also a public Trick or Treat around the square.  October 31 from 3-5. 

Wait Until Dark  a suspense THRILLER Presented by Granbury Theatre Company at the Opera House

Granbury is the place to be this October for spooky fun.  If a tingle in the spine is what you are looking for, look no further.  The historic downtown square is the perfect setting for thrills and chills.  So, as you walk the square, and you feel the hair stand up on the back of your neck, just ask yourself one thing: is that really just the chilly October air? 

granbury ghosts. granbury square,


The Carnival Was FUNtastic!

Monday September 22, 2014
What a fantastic, fun, exhausting weekend!  Yep, having that much fun is exhausting!  Families, middle school kids dropped off by their parents, people from all around the county, young lovers in the glow of the carny light, and all of us cooking German sausage had a great time.  Laughter all round and screams as the Sky Master fell to earth ... One little girl, who lost her family for about 5 minutes, sobbed and sobbed.  But we all rejoiced in the thrill of being "found" and reconciled. Everyone was soon laughing again and off to the next ride! 

Carnival Americana will not be staying thru the next weekend.  With State Fair opening and a great 3 days behind us, they felt better leaving on a high note and to begin planning for next spring and next fall.

They had, what they called, a fantastic weekend, almost double what they define as a "good" run. We had nothing but positive comments from attendees. HGMA is extremely proud to have brought this quality attraction to Granbury.  Our plan, to grow this into a great, community celebration and fair, is very much on track!  This family activity was a new and exciting festival for our great city.

We have many people to thank, the City of Granbury, Hood County News, Lake Granbury Medical Center, The Granbury Chamber of Commerce, Brookshires, HEB, Walmart, GISD, all the people who attended, shared pictures and an army of volunteers who made this happen.  

Thanks so much for attending  and we look forward to doing it all again in the spring of 2015!

Scott Young, President
Historic Granbury Merchants Association
HGMA Carnival Photo collage



Carnival in Granbury Friday through Sunday

From the Hood County News
September 17, 2014

Carnival Americana will be in town this weekend, bringing 16 popular rides, along with game and food booths.

The carnival will be located on 6.5 acres near Lake Granbury Medical Center on Paluxy Road. The location is near Highway 377 but accessible off Paluxy Road.

The carnival will be open Friday night, Saturday and Sunday.

Gates will open Friday at 5 p.m. On Saturday and Sunday, gates will open at 1 p.m. There is no set closing time, according to owner and manager Alan Cockerham.

“We’ll stay open as long as customers are out there,” he said.

Arm bands for unlimited rides will be sold for $20, Cockerham stated. Otherwise, tickets are $1 each, or 24 for $20.

Food and game booths will accept cash instead of tickets. Cockerham said typical carnival fare will be sold – popcorn, hand-dipped corn dogs, candy apples, cotton candy and funnel cakes.

The carnival company, which is based in Fort Worth, is being brought to town by the Historic Granbury Merchants Association (HGMA).

HGMA President Scott Young said Carnival Americana is “the Cadillac” of carnival companies. HGMA has been trying for several years to get them here.

“We’re happy to have the opportunity to come to Granbury,” Cockerham stated.

Cockerham was in town Monday, scouting the location to determine where to place each ride.

“We’ll have everything from a large Ferris wheel to some smaller kiddie rides,” he said. “There’s going to be something for everyone here.”

Cockerham stated there initially was some confusion about how long the carnival might stay.

“We had only planned a three-day engagement,” he explained.

Board members and volunteers for the Boys & Girls Club of Hood County will direct people on where to park, said Young.

There will be no charge for parking, but donations to the Boys & Girls Club will be accepted.

HGMA hopes to have Carnival Americana here next year, too – and hopefully for years after that.

Nonprofits and school organizations will be invited to host a booth at subsequent carnivals. Each group will keep its own proceeds. Young said there simply wasn’t enough time this year to get nonprofits involved.

At this weekend’s carnival, HGMA members will cook and sell German sausage from Fredericksburg. All proceeds will be used to promote tourism, Young said.

kcruz@hcnews.com | 817-573-7066, ext. 258

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Only 30 miles and a Hundred Years Southwest

Posted:  August 19, 2014
By Scott Young
President of Historic Granbury Merchants Association

The Historic Granbury Square has been the center of business and political life in Granbury and Hood County for almost 150 years. Mostly settled in the years after the Civil War by Confederate states’ veterans, Granbury became a place to start again, to dream and to prosper.  The architecture on the Square reflected Southern heritage with local Granbury stone creating a new, Texas heritage.  These settlers chose the name of Brigadier General Hiram Granbury as a name for their township and Lieutenant General John Bell Hood as the namesake for the County.  Gen Granbury was martyred at the Battle of Franklin (Tenn) on November 30, 1864.  Gen Hood was a distinguished commander in the CSA army, but made tactile errors in the resounding defeat at Franklin.  I have no research to support it, but by choosing those two Confederate Heroes, I would guess many of the settlers in the 1860-70’s would have been from Mississippi and Tennessee.

In 1890-91 the impressive County Court House was completed.  Many of the buildings were completed from 1880 to 1900.  As a nod to culture and refinement, The Granbury Opera House was completed in 1886.  And since that time commerce and justice have been the Heart of the community, with the Square being the Soul of the community.  The Square is where we gather, have dinner, imbibe, shop for something very special, see world class theater and entertainment, and hold our community events and festivals.  Bed and Breakfasts, museums, art galleries, a lake, 6 outstanding golf courses, legends and ghosts, and a culinary district are right here in Granbury.

This Square, “Where Texas History Lives,” is the first town square, in Texas, registered in the National Register of Historic Places. Southern Living magazine named Granbury one of the top 10 small towns of the South.  In the USA Today best Summer Weekend Escape, Granbury came in 2nd in the whole, dadgum, USA!!!!

On the Banks of Lake Granbury and the Brazos River, Granbury is a perfect get-away, only 30 miles and a hundred years southwest of Ft Worth. See you this weekend? 


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