The Fourth Annual Granbury Paranormal Expo Is Coming!

Granbury Resort Conference Center April 25-26



Brandy Herr Founder of Granbury Ghost and Legends Tours and author of Haunted Granbury has been a busy gal this year. The Fourth Annual Granbury Paranormal Expo will hit the Granbury Resort Conference Center April 25-26, this time hosting its first ever two-day event. That means double the ghosts, double the psychics, double the UFOs and double the fun. 

Headlining the event will be Amelia Kinkade, star of the Night of the Demons trilogy, and now a celebrity animal psychic. Amelia Kinkade has worked with such high profile clients as Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Dick Clark, and Barbara Walters. She also works with orphaned elephants in Nairobi, Olympic show horses, and rescued beagles from the Beagle Freedom Project.        

“We are so excited for Amelia Kinkade to be joining us at this event,” said Brandy Herr, co-founder of the Granbury Paranormal Expo. “With her horror movie background, and her expertise in animal communication, she offers a wide variety to appeal to everyone.” Check out the list of Exhibitors.

As an added bonus to the event, Amelia Kinkade will be hosting a special two-hour seminar on Sunday at the Expo, where she will teach guests how to communicate with animals themselves. During this seminar, she will give a live demonstration by communicating with Doofus, the spokesdog for local animal rescue Second Chance Farm. This seminar is an additional $45 per person, pre-paid registration only. Register for the Amelia Kinkade seminar at

Joining Amelia Kinkade as guest speaker will be Will Scoville, Tui Snider, and Becky Vickers. Scoville will be discussing his documentary Swinging At Shadows. Snider is the author of Unexpected Texas and Paranormal Texas. Vickers, the founder of Beck’s Ghost Hunters, will be giving a Ghost Hunting 101 presentation for beginners.

Fascinating fact about our special guest speaker Amelia Kinkade: Fame and animal advocacy run in her family. Her aunt is Rue McClanahan, best known for her role as Blanche Devereaux on The Golden Girls. But that’s not all!Did you know Amelia is actually responsible for the character of Blanche? Rue McClanahan was upset when they wanted her character to be a “dumb blonde,” because she didn’t think having two “dumb blonde” characters on the show would work. Amelia encouraged her to read her lines in a more seductive tone, and thus, the Emmy-winning role of Blanche was born!

The Granbury Paranormal Expo is brought to you by the Granbury Ghosts and Legends Tour.  The tour will be running its usual times during the weekend of the Expo, so even after the Conference Center doors are closed, your paranormal adventures don’t have to end! Spend a spooky evening with the ghost stories and legends of historic Granbury, TX!  Meet the Lady in Red, the Faceless Girl, and Indian Joe. Maybe even… John Wilkes Booth?  Your tour guides dressed in Civil War or Western period attire will tell you these stories and more as they take you around Granbury’s Historic Square.  Cost is $10 per person, $7 for children 12 and under.  Tours are year round every Friday and Saturday evening, weather permitting, with two tours nightly, one at 7:00 and one at 9:15.  Meet at the Wagon Yard Courtyard on Bridge St. next to the (Haunted) Nutt Hotel. 

Reservations are recommended.  Space is limited! 

For reservations, contact 817-559-0849 or

For the latest news and updates on the event, or to register for the Amelia Kinkade seminar


Brandy Herr can be reached at or 817-559-0849.


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