The Art is Calling – Artist & Director Cynthia James

Feeling Excited for the 40th anniversary of Harvest Moon Festival of the Arts!

In a few days the Historic Granbury Merchants Association (HGMA) and Granbury Arts Alliance (GAA) opens the 40th annual Harvest Moon Festival of the Arts, and I couldn’t be more excited, proud and grateful. 

On October 20 and 21, the parking area surrounding the Hood County Courthouse transforms to the Festival site, the tents will start to go up; fabulous artists along with volunteers descend on the Square to build what is essentially many art galleries in a small temporary city within a city. Artists have been creating new works and spending hours of passionate creativity to prepare.  So many of our volunteers have been working hard for the past year to make the Festival happen; and, as the weekend finally comes, the energy is palpable.

Artist Cynthia James Festival Director

I am a huge fan of public art and in its own way that is what the Festival is, the public can come to the Square and enjoy art for free. Yes, we want people to shop the more than 100 artists that bring their work to sell at the Festival, but there is no admission fee and with musicians, street performers, hands-on activities, art demonstrations, and, adding again this year  the unique and popular “Harvest Moon’s Auction” , it is in essence free public art. Do not miss the expanded Children Creations Area! I am so proud that the HGMA, the GAA along with all of our friends, produces this annual artful event for the community.

And, it is worth noting that it takes MANY friends to produce this event. With a small staff and no public funding for the festival, there is no way we could build a two-day event that draws thousands of  people to downtown Granbury without an enormous amount of support. In addition to hundreds of volunteer hours, we rely on sponsors such as Granbury Arts Alliance,The City of Granbury, D’Vine Wine, Visit Granbury, Brookshires, Kroger, Mission Granbury – Casa, Lake Point Academy, Christian Art guild, Doug and Connie Knippa and the Pomegranate House B&B.

I urge you to take a moment to check out our list of generous sponsors posted all around the Festival.

We are introducing a fun interactive Children Creations Art Activities area, enjoy free music, dance, theater, book readings and peruse all of the wonderful visual arts, knowing that all of this was made possible thanks to generous sponsors, donors and volunteers. I am so grateful to our community for their support.

I cannot wait for this weekend. There is nothing quite like watching thousands of people enjoy an arts event that you helped to create, an arts event that comes about each year because so many people in our city are willing to come together and collaborate to make it happen.  Granbury is a special place to live and visit!  Welcome to the beautiful picturesque Granbury Square. 

The art is calling and I must go create!  

Cynthia James Artist and Festival Director


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